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  • 2017 Membership Service Pins
    Updated On: May 09, 2017

    2017 Service Pins

    Congratulations and thank you to the SMART Local Union No. 7-SM members for all your continued years of service:

    70 Year Pins

    Kenneth L. Oke

    Floyd Vink

    60 Year Pins

    Howard E. Beyer

    Norman D. Jones

    Jack W. Mitchell

    Jack L. Scott

    50 Year Pins

    Roland J. Davidson

    Donald B. Gitberg

    Larry E. Hamilton

    Kenneth L. Hartman

    George E. Harvala

    James D. Manning

    Robert J. McDonald

    Leslie D. McFarland

    Jimmie C. Miller

    Alfred R. Ohm

    Lloyd A. Paulus

    Dean C. Reynolds

    Kenneth H. Ward

    40 Year Pins

    Joseph Brigham

    Mark Grohman

    Albert Heinz

    Paul G. Honeysett

    Terry W. Hopper

    Gary Lapine

    Rickie E. Levett

    Allen Martineau, Jr.

    Richard D. Nystrom, Sr.

    Mark E. Root

    25 Year Pins

    Darren R. Bowdish

    Dean A. Cadotte

    William R. Caskey, Jr.

    James K. Cathey

    Jeff J. Curtis

    Kenneth R. Dawson

    Bruce R. Ellis

    James F. Emerson, II

    Cecil Ethridge

    Rocky D. Fluty

    Kenneth W. German

    Mark A. Gray

    David C. Hall

    Anthony D. Kelly

    Patrick M. Kingman

    Maynard Kipp

    Donald L. Knowlton

    Mary L. Lipps

    Michael A. Lupo

    Michael T. Mackey

    Brad R. Morse

    Timothy S. Oudekerk

    Jon M. Peterson

    Paul M. Rice

    Jack H. Rinehart

    Rick Southwell

    Randy Stockner

    Gerald M. Tanner

    Samuel J. Taylor

    Charles B. Warner

    Gerald W. Wegner

    James L. Wild

    Craig T. Zelazny

    15 Year Pins

    Richard T. Bees

    Stewart J. Benson

    Daniel A. Beyersdorf

    Peter L. Brown

    Timothy J. Byers

    John C. Daniels

    Jason T. Doty

    Jason A. Eichinger

    Max R. Elkins

    Christopher M. Fairchild

    Jeffrey D. Finney

    Gene G. Gorbics

    Dale A. Guin

    Shad T. Hall

    Matthew R. Haynes

    Ralph J. Kendall

    Matthew L. Klein

    Kenneth A. Krupp

    Greg L. Kushion

    Jeremy M. LaRoche

    Michael T. Lawrenz

    Jerry A. Lerette

    Jeffrey A. Loop

    Michael J. Mayo

    Gregory A. Monzo

    Michael J. Moreno

    Robert U. O’Connell

    Ted M. Reinbold

    Mark A. Rice

    Kurt A. Scheibner

    William H. Schmitz

    Andrew R. Thompson

    Kevin Vallier

    View the document below for the complete Certificate of our 2017 SMART Local Union No. 7-SM membership Years of Service:



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